Dentiblanc PRO Whitening


Whitening PRO

It is a toothpaste for daily oral hygiene, with a new formula offering total protection and whitening, brightening and repairing action. A complete formula with non-nano hydroxyapatite, polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), spherical silica particles, fluoride and betaine. It cleans and whitens the enamel and protects it from tartar, cavities, tooth sensitivity and the passage of time, while also hydrating and protecting the mucous membranes and gums.

The complete formula of Dentiblanc PRO Whitening Toothpaste acts against dental stains with different ingredients. The non-nano hydroxyapatite particles are a natural component of dentine that smooth and repair the cracks in tooth enamel, producing a smoother, repaired surface.