Dentiblanc Intensivo whitening toothpaste 100 ml tube N.C. 221374.6 25 ml tube N.C. 325951.4
15 ml tube N.C. 177726.3 Contains sodium fluoride

Dentiblanc Intensivo whitening toothpaste

  • What is it?

    DENTIBLANC INTENSIVO Whitening Toothpaste is designed for dental care and hygiene and has a powerful whitening action. A natural product specifically conceived and developed to give teeth a healthy, attractive look. It is not a temporary whitening product but a dental hygiene product for continued daily use.

  • Is it for you?

    Es para ti, si…

    • If you have good dental health.
    • You want to keep your mouth healthy and prevent plaque, tartar and cavities.
    • You want to restore or maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth.

  • How does it work?

    DENTIBLANC INTENSIVO Whitening Toothpaste acts effectively and safely due to its complete, pH neutral composition and being completely free of strong acids and peroxides. You will get a deep clean thanks to the overall action of the ingredients in a formula that is significantly reinforced by papain, an enzyme obtained from Carica papaya. It eliminates protein residues that get stuck where your brush can’t reach. Round particles of precipitated silica whiten and polish your teeth without damaging them, due to their low abrasiveness. Thanks to its fluoride content, DENTIBLANC INTENSIVO Whitening Toothpaste strengthens enamel and eliminates plaque and tartar. The addition of titanium dioxide, an exceptional optical whitener, heightens the whiteness of the enamel due to its synergistic action with the other ingredients in the product.

  • How do I use it?

    Continued daily use of Dentiblanc PRO Whitening Toothpaste guarantees excellent results, cleaning, brightening and whitening the teeth. Brush your teeth three times a day, preferably after meals and especially before bedtime.